First Dental Appointment – One Year Old

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is one of his or her most important milestones in their dental growth. Just as your child sees their pediatrician for “Well baby checks” they should see the dentist for evaluation of growth of their jaws, face and teeth.

The “age-one” dental visit is one of the most important interventions dentistry can provide. The ability to prevent dental disease before it can start may assist in better lifelong health.

An Ounce of Prevention

What is prevention anyway? Prevention in the truest sense of the word means stopping an anticipated problem before it even starts. The importance of primary or “baby” teeth and preparing for a lifetime of good oral health are the main reasons why parents should bring their children to see the dentist by their first birthday.

It’s more than just a casual visit: even a one-year old needs a comprehensive examination and even some preventive applications. Parents will benefit from the guidance of “Family Oral Health Education” including: risk assessment for decay; training (hands on) in teeth cleaning; nutritional counseling and use of cups for drinking; fluoride recommendations based on individual needs and important follow-up appointments for monitoring based on the level of risk determined by your dentist.

When I take my one year old to Eagle Creek Children’s Dentistry, what should I expect?

You can help prepare your child for their first dental appointment even before you stop foot in our office. By talking to your child, reading books, and playing games about going to the dentist, you can help your child understand what to expect when they come to the dental office. This helps to dismiss any fears that he or she may have when being introduced to our office.

Once your family arrives at the office, your child will enjoy playing, reading or watching movies in our playful, kid friendly waiting area. Our experienced dental staff will go over any questions you may have about our office and your expectations and need of the dentist. Because every child may react differently when it comes to the dental office, we want to take the time to talk to you and get to know your child to establish a relationship that will get them comfortable with the new experience. Som children love the idea of coming to see the dentist, others would rather stay in the arms of their caregiver, and others are upset at the simple thought of seeing the dentist.

Our office is more than prepared and equipped to handle all of these situations. If your child does not wnat to sit in the chair alone, we will conduct what is called a lap exam. In this method the child sits on the lap of his or her caregiver, and are laid back onto the doctors lap so that we cay complete their dental exam. After the dentist is finished, we recommend praising each child for a job well done, and every child leaves the office with a toy from the toy shelve.

We hope that all the information given will help your family to prepare for your first trip to the dentist and hope to get the opportunity to become a part of your family of caregivers soon.